Supply Management Special Report: Cybersecurity

10 September 2021

In this special report:

* “Celebrating the leaders on the CIPS Procurement Power List 2021, the pioneers of the profession” - Malcolm Harrison, CIPS Group CEO
* Careers spotlight - a snapshot of key stats affecting employees and employers, from the CIPS/Hays Procurement Salary Guide and Insights 2021
* How do you stop young people falling into procurement? We hear from some young leaders about their experiences and share their advice on how leaders can increase the appeal of procurement to younger generations   
* The modern manager’s toolkit. The pandemic has presented numerous challenges for managers, in terms of people, teams, suppliers and more. So what skills are required to ensure your teams are excelling? 
* Where to go from CPO? Supply chain leadership represents the pinnacle of achievement in the profession, but as the world moves out of the pandemic, even the most seasoned will be looking to refresh their skills and seeking opportunities beyond CPO. We share advice on refreshing strategic skills, and speak to experts on career options for the seasoned CPO looking to move on.   
* The CIPS Procurement Power List 2021, and CPOs On the Move
  • "How can procurement protect supply chains from cyber attacks? Criminals will constantly be seeking new ways of hacking organisations, so make sure you're aware of the latest trends" - Malcolm Harrison, CIPS Group CEO

  • Where does the CPO fit in the cyber strategy? Cyber has historically been the remit of the IT and security departments, but with supply chain hits on the rise, businesses need the skills and expertise of senior leaders

  • Legal implications of a data breach. Vast numbers of hacks go unreported due to concerns over publicising vulnerabilities, insurance spikes and potential lawsuits over data leaks, so where do companies stand legally? 

  • The importance of developing a cyber strategy. Cyber attacks are becoming a question of when, not if, for most organisations so it's vital to implement a robust strategy with company-wide support and board buy-in  

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