Supply Management Magazine: April-June 2023

24 April 2023

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It could take up to 1,000 years to break down forever chemicals

…but one procurement person to eradicate them

Just as CFC-related ozone damage, plastic pollution and carbon emissions highlighted the urgency of moving away from certain practices, we must now confront the next major challenge – the epic task of ending the use of forever chemicals.

Forever chemicals are a group of man-made substances that are not only virtually indestructible but actually accumulate in bodies and the environment. Time is up for the chemicals with legislation underway to ban their use. And this will be an important and challenging feat for procurement worldwide.

In this issue’s Big Read we explore what it will take to tackle the problem and, crucially, why it is procurement that must be at the heart of the solution; of efforts to find safer alternatives and phasing out the use of toxic substances in a manner that’s not only good for people and the environment, but helps businesses keep doing their great work.
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Also in this issue:

Interview: “People may be a weak link when it comes to security, but we are also a strong defence.” Former procurement professional and current burglar for hire, Jenny Radcliffe shares her experiences of breaking into companies, and how you can protect your organisation.

Leadership: Businesses need to move away from traditional markets to work directly and transparently with suppliers as a means to address ESG, some say. We ask experts, can you actually decommodify procurement?

Skills: Learn how to attract people from disciplines outside of procurement with the skills needed to complement and strengthen the profession.

Case study: Strength from adversity. How the Ukraine conflict laid bare the crucial role procurement and supply chain would play in supporting the country, and the urgent need to upskill workers in best practice.

Analysis: How do you solve a problem like returns? With returned goods contributing to mountainous landfills and causing the loss of more than half of a product's value, what are the main drivers and what can companies do about it?    

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