Supply Management Magazine: July-December 21

15 July 2021

e more bold - Toyota found success when it rejected just-in-time sourcing, and you can to

Should you reject just-in-time sourcing?

Be more bold

When Toyota introduced the concept of lean production, it unleashed a super-efficient, perfectly synchronised way of global sourcing for business. It was driven by cost and it worked for decades.

But recently, mounting supply chain obstacles, from pandemic-related shutdowns and worker shortages, to low material availability and competition for everything from microchips to transport, have left many lean operations limping.

So when an alternative emerged, it unsurprisingly came from Toyota.

Just-in-case sourcing with more stock and shorter, diverse supply chains increases agility and helps businesses quickly switch direction in response to sudden changes.

In this issue, we consider what alternative and hybrid sourcing strategies have to offer and if the self-inflicted disruption is worth it. And while many businesses won't want to increase inventory, the question remains - is just-in-time still working for you?

Also in this issue:

  • CPO interview: Karla Smith Jackson explains how procurement supports small businesses
  • Round table: How can procurement leaders build a culture of inclusivity in their teams?
  • Skills: Learn how to get suppliers on board with e-auctions, negotiate and influence people and maximise supply chain visibility
  • Case study: How the New Zealand government is helping improve worker conditions
  • Analysis: What the world pinch on microchips means for technology firms
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