Supply Management Magazine: October-December 22

18 October 2022

Supply Management October 2022

Break free from convention

Why a new perspective is the answer to procurement’s biggest problems

David Bowie may not be the first person who springs to mind when one thinks of supply chains, but few match his reputation as a powerful and consistent innovator. He understood the importance of challenging norms, always questioning what has become standard and established, and never slowing progress because the present is comfortable. And this outlook applies as much to his persona as it does to procurement and supply chain because to prevent being stuck in response mode, you have to initiate trends and actually create the changes you want to see.

In this issue, we focus on procurement as a master of reinvention. We talk to leaders taking original approaches to solving their problems, and look at the progress they have made by taking risks because as Bowie said: “If it works, it’s outdated.”

Also in this issue:

CPO interview: Jay Doyle, the CPO of ITV talks about shaping a digital transformation and the future of procurement in global broadcasting 

CIPS Excellence in Procurement Awards: We celebrate this year's winners of 'the Oscars' of the supply chain and procurement community

Skills: Individuals, businesses and nations are struggling with spiralling inflation. We discuss how soft skills can help bring a degree of control. Also, how to avoid the emerging trend of bid rigging for diversity 

Case study: How the National Air Traffic Control Service worked with its suppliers both to grow its business and to pursue innovation in technology 

Analysis: The drive to become less dependent on China has already started, as automakers begin establishing new supply chains in North America. But is it possible to completely unwind all connections?   

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