Course launched to stamp out supply chain slavery

19 November 2015

A two-day course launched by the Gangmasters Licensing Authority and the University of Derby will help retailers and labour users ensure their supply chains do not include exploited workers.

The Certificate in Professional Development: Investigating Modern Slavery, launched with the university’s International Policing and Justice Institute, will help a range of professionals involved in purchasing labour or goods within the fresh produce supply chain.

Specifically, it will help organisations meet their requirements under the Modern Slavery Act to publish every year a statement outlining what steps have been taken to ensure no slavery or human trafficking is taking place in the supply chain.

Modules will be based on the training provided for GLA inspectors – attendees will develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to identify exploitative practice.

The training package, part of the newly launched GLA Academy, comes just over two weeks after the Home Office published guidance for firms covered by the legislation. Organised crime groups are beginning to target the labour supply chain in order to exploit workers, according to the GLA chief executive, Paul Broadbent.

“The GLA recognises that the only way to tackle this issue is to work alongside business and give all possible support to ensure risks can be identified and tackled,” he added. “Our accredited training programme will give businesses some of the tools to tackle exploitative practice in partnership with the GLA. It will also make a significant impact in dealing with criminality so as to protect vulnerable and exploited workers.”

The course, which costs £500 per person, provides a “unique opportunity to be trained by the GLA professionals,” according to Nigel Jenney, chief executive of the Fresh Produce Consortium, which was involved in the programme’s development.

The course will take place every two weeks from 30 November 2015 to the end of May 2016 at the GLA offices in Nottingham. To attend the course, email

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