Support responsible sourcing to stop south east Asian smog

Paul Snell is managing editor at Supply Management
5 November 2015

Consumers should patronise firms who have made a pledge to source responsibly to help alleviate a thick smog that affects countries in south east Asia.

According to Consumers International, the haze which affects Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia is in part caused by the burning of forests for the production of pulp, paper and palm oil plantations, mainly in Indonesia and Borneo.

The consumer rights group has called for a boycott of products produced by companies that source wood, pulp or paper products that contribute to the haze.

As it can be difficult to identify which firms are purchasing from those contributing to the fires, instead CI is asking consumers to support brands with internationally recognised symbols of responsible sourcing such as Forest Stewardship Council certification.

The group is also calling on governments in the region – specifically those of Indonesia and Malaysia – to take a tougher stance, prosecuting those companies that are responsible for the forest fires.

CI has blamed the smog for causing environmental damage, economic losses and a higher risk of respiratory disorders.

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