CIPS health check released to help firms tackle Brexit

4 July 2016

A health check has been produced by CIPS to help firms navigate their way in the post-Brexit world.

The tool includes information and advice on how best to respond to the economic disruption caused by the referendum.

The CIPS Brexit Health Check Brief, published today, points to the ability of supply chain managers to minimise panic across the company, and to arm their business with contingencies and flexible plans. The first step is to reassure suppliers and customers.

The Health Check is broken down into three categories: what to do now, how to assess potential risks, and how to prioritise where to focus your resources in these uncertain times.

Supply chain professionals who understand the supply chain and where costs are built up are crucial to ensuring the company manages this period, said CIPS Group CEO David Noble last week.

“The greatest exposures are all lying within our profession’s remit and linked to supply markets, contracts and trade regulations. We have to step up and take the lead as the external representative.”

The guide also recommends further reading, including the knowledge section of CIPS website.

A simple risk impact grid (below) is included as a visual aid to measure the severity of outcomes against the probability of occurance, and thus the priority of allocating resources. 

Risk Impact Grid

Chelmsford or Cambridge
£33,797 - £39,152 p.a
Anglia Ruskin University
South Sinai (EG)
$100,660, 2 year contract, tax free salary, housing, meals, medical, relocation,
Multinational Force and Observers
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