The supply chain week in numbers - 8 July 2016

8 July 2016


The going rate for a prosthetic finger bought by Japanese gangsters to replace a digit they have had to chop off to atone for an error. The self-mutilation ritual is called yubitsume. Former yakuza who want to rejoin mainstream society will pay for a new finger to disguise their criminal past. The business is so large that customers can choose from more than 1,000 skin shades.


The proportion of Greeks who can’t take holidays this year after the government introduced new austerity measures (cuts in pensions and pay) and raised taxes.


The estimated cost to Volkswagen, if it has to pay the same compensation to European consumers as it has offered in America after cheating emissions tests. The car manufacturer is reluctant to do this, but the European Commission is pressing for compensation for 9m owners.

The decline in Saudi Arabia’s GFP in 2016, as forecast by the Abu Dhabi Investment Bank. The kingdom has been aggressive in the oil market, increasing its output by 20% to 10.5m barrels a day, but rivals hope that the economic slowdown will persuade the government to cut back. 


The number of train services a day Southern Railways, owned by Govia Thameslink Railway, is being allowed to cut by the government on a new emergency timetable. Home owners in towns served by Southern who are looking to sell in the next few months have been warned the reduction could knock tens of thousands of pounds off the price of their properties. Next week the Transport Select Committee will ask the company how it plans to improve service.


The stake China Costco has acquired in the port of Piraeus, the de facto home of the Greek shipping industry. Cosco has paid $419m for its controlling stake and plans to invest $400m in the next decade to develop the port into a logistics centre to move goods, mostly by rail, to eastern Europe.


The funding provided by the European Investment Bank for British infrastructure projects last year. The EIB is owned by EU members with the UK, France, Germany and Italy each having a 16% stake. It is unclear whether the UK could remain a shareholder – and benefit from EIB funds – after it leaves the EU.

28,000 kilos

The amount of strawberries typically served during Wimbledon’s All England tennis championships. To ensure they are as fresh as possible, Grade 1 strawberries are picked the day before from LEAF-registered farms in Kent and delivered to Wimbledon by 5.30am on the day of play to be inspected and hulled. 


The number of airlines that have imposed bans on shark fins. Logistics giant UPS has also said it will not deliver fins. Protesters are now urging FedEx to follow suit. Conservationists say that around 70m sharks are killed for their fins, many of which are used in soup, every year. 


The price of a 30-second advert on American cable news channels during this summer’s conventions to choose the Republican and Democrats’ presidential and vice-presidential candidates. The campaigns are expected to spend a record $4.4bn on broadcast advertising.

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