Chris Helder identified four different personalities broken down into four colours © CIPS
Chris Helder identified four different personalities broken down into four colours © CIPS

How to influence different personalities

18 July 2017

Buildings relationships in business is more important than ever, was the advice from Chris Helder, keynote speaker and best-selling author at Tuesday’s CIPS Australasia Conference in Melbourne, Australia.

However, he believes that in order to build relationships, you must first learn how to communicate effectively with different types of personalities, whether in the workplace or with clients, said the author of Stop Selling!: the Art of Reading the Client.

A simple way to succeed in communication is to look at people and break them down into four different kinds of personalities, which Helder identified as four different colours:

Red personality

People with a red personalities are intense, driven by power, results driven and future focused. Keep the message simple with them and be direct with your knowledge or idea, they don't hold onto conflict.

Yellow personality

These people are always in the now, can be impulsive and respond best to visual ideas or explanations. They don’t mind a compliment and are driven by affirmation.

Aqua personality

Aquas can get along with anyone and are steady and calm. Once you’ve won their trust, they are extremely loyal. Although the nicest people in the world, they can hold onto conflict much longer than red or yellow personalities.

Blue personality

People with a “blue” personality are driven by perfection and process. They have a systematic approach to work. They are successful because they have high expectations of themselves and others and like to improve themselves.

Helder, a certified practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming who specialises in behavioural modelling, says that thinking of these colours  can be a simple way to understand personalities. Adapting your approach to people according to their colours allows you to become more effective as a leader, in sales and in building relationships for your business.

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