Sustainable Irish farms are most profitable

20 July 2017

The most sustainable farms in Ireland are also generally the most profitable, according to a study.

The 2015 Sustainability Report from Teagasc, Ireland’s agriculture and food development authority, used data collected as part of its 2015 National Farm Survey to measure the performance of Irish farms in agricultural sustainability.

The report showed that the most profitable farms tended to have lower agricultural greenhouse gas emissions per unit of milk or meat produced.

The most profitable dairy farms are achieving more milk production for every kilogram of excess nitrogen applied, which illustrates the importance of good farm nutrient management, said the report.

Emma Dillon, research officer at Teagasc, said: “The report reveals considerable variation between farms, for all sectors and at all levels of profitability.

“Bringing more farms in line with the top performers will ensure the overall sustainability of farming in Ireland continues to improve, and demonstrates that Irish farming is of the high quality demanded by global food companies and consumers.”

The relationship between the amount of greenhouse gases produced and the profitability of a farm was most pronounced in the sheep farming sector.

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