Toronto uses new-style RFP for recreation services

23 March 2017

The City of Toronto will use a new procurement method to find a vendor to supply online services to the city’s recreation department.

For the first time the authority will use a “negotiable request for proposals” (N-RFP), as opposed to a traditional RFP, to find an IT supplier to overhaul an outdated sign-up process for activities including swimming, skiing and dancing.

The City said a traditional RFP involved “binding and irrevocable proposals” that “reduces the scope of the negotiation that can be done between the City and the highest scoring proponent”.

“The negotiable request for proposals is an innovative approach to procurement that ranks proponents and then allows the City to negotiate with the successful vendor on pricing and system deliverables,” said the City.

“If negotiations fail with the first proponent, the City can move on to the next highest ranked candidate. This approach allows more flexibility for the City and the vendor to work together to build the future system.”

Mayor John Tory said attempts had been made to improve the current sign-up system, which covers 80,000 courses each year but is decades old.

“The improvements made to the system have made a huge difference, but now it's time to replace this outdated system entirely,” he said.

The N-RFP will be issued in early spring.

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