Training launched to help buyers 'enrich supply chains'

CIPS Australia is launching a training programme to help procurement professionals work more with Indigenous communities.

The training will not only help procurement professionals understand the needs of Indigenous communities but also support Indigenous buyers in their professional development.

The training, to be run in partnership with Tagai Management Consultants (TMC), will take place in Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and neighbouring Pacific islands.

Murray Saylor, founder and managing director of TMC said: “Education is the key to creating empowerment and sustainable change in business and organisations and the relationship with CIPS will allow TMC to build strong relationship pathways and shared value within the procurement community.”

CIPS said the training would improve social procurement as it applies to Indigenous people and communities.

Mark Lamb, general manager – Asia Pacific, CIPS, said: “This is an extremely positive move to be working more closely with Murray and the value he brings and will bring to the procurement community.

“CIPS exists for the public good, so we must do more to support local communities and those that have been disadvantaged. This training will also bring value on an individual level for our professionals so they can enrich their own supply chains with diverse suppliers and opportunity.”

The growth of the Indigenous business sector is a major part of the Australian government’s plan to close the wealth, health and opportunity gap that Indigenous communities face. Part of this plan is the Indigenous Procurement Policy, introduced to increase the number of Indigenous-owned businesses benefiting from government contracts.

The government announced earlier this year it was increasing the policy’s target, aiming for 3% of government goods and service contracts to be awarded to Indigenous-owned firms in 2017-18, after exceeded last year’s target.

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