Ada Diamonds discovered mined diamonds mixed into multiple parcels of laboratory-grown diamonds
Ada Diamonds discovered mined diamonds mixed into multiple parcels of laboratory-grown diamonds

Jewellery firm sounds alert over diamond supply chain

A jewellery company that prides itself on using conflict-free diamonds grown in a lab has confirmed mined diamonds entered its supply chain.

Ada Diamonds said it had discovered an undisclosed number of mined diamonds mixed into multiple parcels of laboratory-grown diamonds. The find has been verified by Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Lab-grown diamonds have become a popular alternative to mined diamonds in recent years due to the risks of jewels from war zones making their way into the supply chain.

The stones are grown in a machine and are certified by the GIA as matching the quality of earth-grown stones.

Jason Payne, founder and CEO of Ada Diamonds, said the mined diamonds had been removed.

“It's an extremely high priority for us to ensure our supply of lab created diamonds remains untainted to ensure our customers can purchase conflict-free diamonds with confidence,” he said.

The company said it had implemented enhanced screening procedures to further inspect all diamonds and finished jewellery to ensure that all diamonds sold by Ada Diamonds are grown, not mined diamonds.

“We look forward to collaborating with GIA, the Diamond Producers Association (DPA), and the International Grown Diamond Association (IGDA) to ensure that our supply chains continue to exclude unsustainably mined diamonds,” said Payne.

UL, a standard-setting organisation, is developing specialised screening equipment to differentiate between earth-extracted and lab-grown diamonds.

Until recently only industrial grade diamonds could be grown in laboratories but technological advances have enabled machines to simulate the extreme pressure and temperatures deep within the earth’s core that created organic diamonds over billions of years.

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