Summit to tackle growth, jobs and inequality

2 November 2017

Hundreds of economists have gathered in Equatorial Guinea to discuss and recommend policies on growth, employment and inequality on the continent. 

The four-day Congress of African Economists, organised by the African Union Commission, aims to make capacity building part of the continent’s wider sustainable development efforts.

Victor Harison, commissioner for economic affairs of the AU, told participants to work towards economic growth and industrial development through the promotion of value chains, with the aim of improving employment in Africa.

The conference will encourage a dialogue between researchers, policy makers and the diaspora.

At the event the economists will present papers, as well as analyse and share best practice in a number of areas, including on sources of growth, distribution of the benefits of growth, external economic shocks and the coordination of fiscal and monetary policy at times of crisis. 

Attendees are expected to emphasise the importance of skills retention, and the event itself is expected to be a platform for young African economists and young members of the diaspora to share information with policymakers.

This is the fifth Congress of African Economists.

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