The limited edition bottle is made from 90% PCR plastic and 10% ocean plastic © P&G
The limited edition bottle is made from 90% PCR plastic and 10% ocean plastic © P&G

P&G launches 100% recycled Fairy Liquid bottles

12 October 2017

Consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble (P&G) has launched a limited edition UK washing-up liquid bottle made entirely from post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic and plastic recovered from the ocean.

P&G said the bottle, Fairy Ocean Plastic, was created in partnership with American recycler TerraCycle and would be available to British consumers to raise awareness of ocean pollution. 

P&G already use an average of 40% PCR plastic content across 491m transparent washing-up liquid bottles globally, but the new bottle will be made from 90% PCR plastic and 10% ocean plastic.

The company said that only 320,000 bottles would be sold across the UK from mid-2018 for around two months. 

Virginie Helias, vice president of global sustainability at P&G, said despite the low production numbers, the UK launch would be the largest production run of recyclable dish soap bottles in the world made using ocean plastic. 

“Fairy is an iconic brand in the UK and the aim of the limited edition bottle launch is primarily to help educate consumers to make them think about where their waste goes, and ultimately recycle more,” she said.

“Our consumers care deeply about this issue and by using ocean plastic we hope to show that the opportunities are endless when we rethink our approach to waste.” 

Somewhere in the region of 300m tonnes of plastic is manufactured globally every year, with around half of that designed for single use plastic, according to Greenpeace UK.

Around 95% of the value of plastic packaging material, worth $80-120bn annually, is lost to the economy and on the current track, there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean by weight by 2050, according to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

P&G added that in an effort to divert plastic waste from landfill and the ocean, the company's brands, including Fairy, Dawn, Yes, Dreft and Joy, would continue to divert 8,000 metric tonnes of plastic from landfill to keep an average 40% PCR plastic content across all of its transparent dish care bottles.

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