Adidas are said to be leading the way © Adidas
Adidas are said to be leading the way © Adidas

Adidas and Reebok top transparency index

posted by Cristiano Dalla Bona
23 April 2018

Adidas and Reebok have topped the Fashion Revolution supply chain transparency ranking for the second year running.

The two firms came joint first, scoring 145 points out of a possible 250.

The index, compiled by Fashion Revolution, an NGO campaigning for ethical supply chains, ranked 150 of the world’s biggest fashion brands and retailers, awarding them marks based on the information disclosed about their supply chain policies, suppliers and environmental impact.

Overall, 10 brands were said to be leading the way, including Adidas, Reebok, Gap, Old Navy, C&A and Marks & Spencer.

However the report said many companies were underperforming, with the average company scoring just 21% of the total possible points. Not a single brand scored above 60%.

Some of the worst performing brands included Chanel (3%) and Dolce & Gabbana (1.2%) and Forever 21 (6%), which all scored low because they provided little information.

Dior, Helain and s.Oliver were among 14 brands that scored zero because they disclosed no information.

On a more positive note, 98 brands and retailers showed a 5% increase in their level of transparency across the range of criteria, which included policy and commitments, governance, traceability, human rights and environment. Among them were luxury brands such as Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Bottega Veneta and Burberry.

In addition, the number of companies publishing lists of tier one manufacturers rose from 12.5% in 2016 to 32% in 2017, and firms provided more detailed information that included factory addresses and numbers of employees. The report also said more brands were describing tier two processing facilities.

ASOS was the only brand to disclose raw material sources.

Carrie Sommers, founder and global operations director at Fashion Revolution, said: “Transparency is power. The brands that are still sitting in the armchairs in their fifth floor apartments, who haven’t yet learnt how to sail on the tide of transparency, will be drowned by it.”

The report said the fear of compromising competitiveness or authorities uncovering controversial issues were the main reasons behind the lack of disclosure. But, it said, transparency around factories and workers in the supply chain can help NGOs and organisations uncover human rights or environmental violations and encourage ethical practices across the industry.

Fashion Revolution transparency index top performers:

1. Adidas and Reebok (58% each)

2. Puma (56%)

3. H&M (55%)

4. Esprit, Banana Republic, Gap and Old Navy (all 54%)

5. C&A (53%)

6. Marks & Spencer (51%)

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