Just 71% of Lidl's plastic packaging is widely recyclable, said Which? © PA Images
Just 71% of Lidl's plastic packaging is widely recyclable, said Which? © PA Images

Lidl worst for recyclable plastic, says report

19 July 2018

Lidl provides the least recyclable packaging of any major UK supermarket, despite “ambitious plastic reduction targets” and a dedicated task force, claims a consumer report.

Less than three-quarters of the food retailer’s plastic packaging is widely recyclable, found a Which? investigation that surveyed 27 popular own-brand groceries from the UK’s 10 biggest supermarkets.

The retailer contested the validity of the study, however, arguing that it should have surveyed a larger cross-section of its products. 

“We are in the process of conducting a comprehensive review of our entire packaging footprint, and estimate that the vast majority of our packaging is widely recyclable under the industry standard OPRL (On Pack Recycling Labelling) scheme,” said a spokesperson for Lidl. “We therefore do not believe that the small sample used in the report is representative or reflective of our full product range.

“We fully support the need to tackle the important issue of plastic waste, which is why we recently launched our ambitious plastic reduction targets and have a task force in place, who are dedicated to delivering these commitments.”

While Lidl came bottom of the pile with 71% its packaging widely recyclable, Morrisons emerged as the frontrunner with 81%. 

This follows Morrisons’ commitment last month to replace plastic bags for loose fruit and vegetables with paper bags by the end of the summer. 

All the supermarkets surveyed by Which? signed up to the UK Plastic Past in April, which vowed to make all plastic packaging reusable, compostable or recyclable.

Which?’s ranking for widely recyclable plastic:

1. Morrisons - 81%

2. Asda - 79%

3. Marks & Spencer - 78%

4.Tesco - 77%

5. Aldi - 76%

6. Waitrose - 75%

7. Sainsbury’s - 75%

8. Ocado - 74%

9. Iceland - 73%

10. Lidl - 71%

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