Not investing in ad placement is like driving a car with no engine, said Husseini ©Procter & Gamble
Not investing in ad placement is like driving a car with no engine, said Husseini ©Procter & Gamble

Don't forget cost of ad placement, says P&G buyer

14 June 2018

Investment in advertising should always take into account the cost of placement, according to the head of marketing procurement at Procter & Gamble (P&G).

Ziad Husseini, purchases group manager for brand and business services at P&G, the firm behind brands including Pampers, Gillette and Fairy, said not investing in ad placement was like “driving a Maserati with no engine”.

Speaking at the ProcureCon Marketing conference in London yesterday, Husseini said this was a mistake P&G has made before. “If you produce an advert of, let’s say $500,000 of content, you’ll likely invest millions behind it, so you need to be extremely careful with media investments.

“We’ve had a lot of different cases in the past which were just crazy, it was the other way round. We’d be producing content for millions – for Prestige Brands for example, that we’ve just divested recently – and then there was no media [budget] left to actually put it in front of the customers. It’s like you’re driving a Maserati with no engine.”

Husseini said in media spend, transparency was “the number one problem we have today”, and that the company was investing in media toolkits that were not being used. “If you are, let’s say, a brand franchise guru for Pampers – you build your toolkit with your team, you’ve got these master assets, and then you just send and pray they’re going to be used in the market.

“Frankly, these guys in the global business unit wouldn’t know what’s going on truely, truely with their assets up to the global delivery in the markets. That’s where we get help now trying to track all this through a platform.”

Husseini also said he was wary of the problems online marketing pose when it comes to tracking ad placement – including when marketing content contains copyrighted material such as music. “A lot of content is now on the web and it’s very difficult to track out there, so you’re always at risk of getting fines and things if we don’t control what’s out there,” he said.

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