A pint of beer in the Czech capital costs £1.17 on average ©AdobeStock
A pint of beer in the Czech capital costs £1.17 on average ©AdobeStock

Prague tops chart of cheapest beer cities

22 May 2018

Prague is the cheapest city globally to buy a beer, according to a ranking.

On average a pint of beer in Czech capital cost the equivalent of just £1.17, compared to £5.19 in London.

Other cities where a pint can be procured for less than £2 include Johannesburg, Taipei and Krakow, the figures sourced by Expatistan and released by Money Guru have shown.

London was among the more expensive cities to drink in, but it was by no means the most expensive.

Dubai, where the law prohibits the sale of alcohol outside of licensed venues, was the most expensive on the list, with a pint costing on average £9. Oslow (£7), Hong Kong (£6) and Singapore (£5.94) were also more expensive than London.

Last year, across the UK the average price of a pine of bitter rose to more than £3 for the first time, while the average price of larger is now £3.53.

Price of a pint of beer around the world (cheapest to most expensive):

Prague, Czech Republic £1.17

Johannesburg, South Africa £1.63

Taipei, Taiwan £1.77

Krakow, Poland £1.79

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil £2.21

Bangkok, Thailand £2.44

Istanbul, Turkey £2.52

Berlin, Germany £2.72

Mumbai, India £2.98

Seoul, South Korea £3.28

Vienna, Austria £3.31

Tokyo, Japan £3.53

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia £3.81

Toronto, Canada £4.10

Barcelona, Spain £4.18

Amsterdam, Netherlands £4.29

Rome, Italy £4.50

Los Angeles, USA £4.58

Copenhagen, Denmark £4.81

Shanghai, China £4.88

Dublin, Ireland £5.05

Stockholm, Sweden £5.14

London, UK £5.19

Paris, France £5.32

New York, USA £5.32

Singapore £5.94

Hong Kong £6

Oslo, Norway £7

Dubai, UAE £9

(Expatistan, as of April 2018)

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