Free toolkit to help hotel sector tackle slavery

Will Green is news editor of Supply Management
posted by Will Green
12 September 2018

A free online toolkit has been developed to help tackle slavery in the hotel sector.

The Shiva Foundation Stop Slavery Blueprint includes guidance, templates, training and practical measures to address risk areas in the industry.

“Improving social and ethical standards in the supply chain is a challenging process that requires the cooperation of employees, suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders,” the toolkit said.

“During engagement with suppliers, it is recommended to get formal acknowledgment of your principles and expectations.

“Further, it is good practice to invite the supplier to demonstrate their alignment with those principles by sharing their own policies and best practice.

“A constructive engagement around the sharing of best practice can be a good foundation for an open dialogue to identify potential risks and collaborate on continuous improvement throughout the course of the business relationship.”

The toolkit covers supplier engagement, signs to spot and reporting protocols.

Meenal Sachdev, director of Shiva Foundation, which is a corporate partner of Shiva Hotels, said: “We have spent years working with the industry and anti-slavery organisations to put together a toolkit that appropriately addresses the risk of modern slavery in hotels and fits within current hotel practices.

“This toolkit was created by the industry for the industry and we hope as many hotels as possible use it to join this fight against modern slavery.”

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