Nine steps to success in the CIPS Australasia SM awards

8 April 2019

The deadline for entries for the annual CIPS Australasia Supply Management awards closes on Wednesday 17 April so be sure to get entries in quickly.

The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony, taking place on the evening of the CIPS Australasia Conference on Wednesday 17 July 2019 at the Park Hyatt in Melbourne.

The prestigious awards can help raise the profile of procurement within your organisation as well as providing you with the opportunity to benchmark yourself against leaders in the profession.

Banking firm CIMB Group’s procurement team took home the award for Best Process Improvement Initiative at the 2018 ceremony and said: “A CIPS award is regarded as one of the highest recognitions within the procurement sphere. Hence, we hope to benchmark the success and maturity of our transformation plan against the industry leaders via this platform.”

Categories for this year's awards ceremony include diversity and inclusion, technology and innovation, and collaborative teamwork.

CIPS Australasia shared its top tips to assist with entry preparation and increase your business’ chance of awards success at this year’s ceremony:

1. Fit the brief

Take care to thoroughly read the category description and ensure your submission is covering all that is asked.

2. Look out for the “wow” factor

Make sure to share your story with other teams in your organisation to see if they get the “wow” factor too. It can be difficult to appreciate how good a project is when you have been so involved on a daily basis.

3. Focus in

It is worth concentrating on one key aspect of a project or choosing another one entirely if you are not able to succinctly describe the project. Some procurement projects, especially transformation projects, are large and difficult to convey on three sides of A4.

4. Demonstrate the benefits

One of the most important parts of your awards entry is demonstrating the organisational benefits that your project realised and evidencing them. Predicted benefits cannot be scored and so make sure you have the timing right on entering projects.

5. Find your hook

Make sure you have a strong angle to your project and make it clear early. A good story will always have a good angle or “hook” so make sure your entry conveys your message straight away.

6. First impressions count

Demonstrate your initiative, innovation and creativity. Consult with your internal marketing or PR teams to get your entry branded and set out in an attractive way. Use simple language, avoid jargon and keep it relevant to avoid marker's fatigue. Our judges scrutinise many entries so make sure that yours stands out from the crowd.

7. Use correct headings

Mark which sections relate to best practice or innovation – do not make judges unpick your entry to find out what you did. The headings are used to help the judges allocate the scores.

8. Evidence your claims

There are three additional pages for supporting documentation so maximise the space by evidencing what you have achieved.

9. Don’t break the rules

No extra scores will be given for attaching a 20-page presentation or URLs to websites with more information. If it cannot fit in the allocated space, then it’s too big.

For details on how to enter, including a full list of categories, entry fees and criteria, please visit the website. You can also find more information on the awards ceremony and sponsorship opportunities by contacting CIPS Australasia.

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