Start-ups such as BeemCar could help to improve Dubai's public transport infrastructure © Rustam Azmi/Getty Images
Start-ups such as BeemCar could help to improve Dubai's public transport infrastructure © Rustam Azmi/Getty Images

Dubai’s start-up revolution

6 August 2019

Dubai police, transport and telecoms companies work with start-ups to improve UAE’s infrastructure.

“A cross between a monorail and a ski lift.” That’s how British company BeemCar describes its new transport pods which might soon revolutionise public transport across Dubai.  

Suspended five metres above the city streets, the four-seater pods could eventually whisk passengers along a cable-car style network of beams at speeds of up to 30mph.

BeemCar is one of several innovative start-up companies invited to help with Dubai’s future city technology and infrastructure. Addressing sectors such as transport, communications, security and artificial intelligence, they were asked to collaborate through a government initiative called Dubai Future Foundation. 

Dubai-based technology company Nayan, for example, will be working with the Dubai police force to monitor traffic violations and ease congestion by collecting and evaluating road data. 

Dubai police will also collaborate with another local company, Space Imaging Middle East, which offers products such as image collection and processing, in an effort to reduce crime. 

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority will be hiring the services of an international security company called Quantstamp. UAE telecoms company Etisalat, meanwhile, is collaborating with Polish technology company Elmodis, to help with the remote monitoring of machinery.

In all, around 30 companies from the UAE, UK, USA, Spain, Denmark, Poland, Finland, France, India, Chile, Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sweden and Ukraine worked with Dubai Future Foundation. According to project leader Karin Gabriel, nine of them have now signed agreements and “will continue with their collaboration and move to the pilot project stage”.

Saeed Al Falasi is a director at the Dubai Future Foundation. “This fruitful cooperation between government and private entities is a key step towards accelerating the implementation of these innovative solutions,” he said. “It stands as a clear example of Dubai's continuous success in employing advanced technologies in providing revolutionary services.”

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