Abu Dhabi's DCT achieves CIPS platinum award in record time

Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT) has achieved CIPS’ highest award in a record time of 14 months and credits its success to constant operational improvement and the expertise of procurement staff.

CIPS awarded the DCT with the Corporate Platinum Award for completing the Procurement Excellence Programme to the highest level. DCT advanced directly from CIPS’ standard level to platinum, a process which usually takes four to six years.

Saif Saeed Ghobash, undersecretary at DCT Abu Dhabi, said: “Undertaking the CIPS Procurement Excellence Programme has been incredibly beneficial for DCT Abu Dhabi’s procurement function, and by achieving its highest Platinum Award, we have proven that through commitment, hard work and skill, great things can be achieved.”

The certification process assesses five areas of the procurement function and the organisation including leadership and organisation, strategy and policy, workforce, process and systems, and performance management.

Waleed Al Saeedi, director of supply and management at the DCT Abu Dhabi, said that the organisation was able to progress through the stages quickly by conducting in-depth improvement plans, training staff and leadership, and seeking to achieve Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid’s vision to reduce public procurement timescales and improve efficiency.

“Ultimately, the need to innovate, train, develop and ensure best practices in all operational aspects to achieve each stage of success is incredibly beneficial to any organisation. My leadership team has all attained MCIPS status which means that we now have four certified members of CIPS. One thing that has stuck with me in my career is that an organisation is only as good as the people it chooses to work with.”

The company’s procurement staff have been trained in the CIPS Corporate Training Programme and the supply management department has passed the CIPS’ Ethical Procurement and Supply assessment. 

“Achieving CIPS Platinum is entirely dependent on the skill and hard work of one's team. The reason why the certification is such an achievement is because it really challenges a function to look at itself and understand how to become the best,” Saeedi added.

DCT Abu Dhabi is the 12th organisation in the world to receive the certification, and highlighted that this will “ensure that the procurement function is recognised as being a vital strategic actor within the organisation” and wider business community.

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