Speedfactory manufacturing technology includes automation and 4D printing. © Adidas
Speedfactory manufacturing technology includes automation and 4D printing. © Adidas

Adidas moves Speedfactory tech to Asia

12 November 2019

Adidas has announced plans to move its automated “Speedfactory” technology to footwear suppliers in Asia by the end of 2019. 

The manufacturer is taking the technology developed to speed up production, including automation and 4D-printing technology, and sending it to Asian suppliers to modernise the supply base.

The first Speedfactories, operated by Oechsler AG, located in Ansbach, Germany, and Atlanta in the US, will be discontinued by April 2020.

Martin Shankland, executive board member responsible for global operations at Adidas AG, said: “The Speedfactories have been instrumental in furthering our manufacturing innovation and capabilities. Through shortened development and production lead times, we’ve provided select customers with hyper-relevant product for moments that matter. 

“We are now able to couple these learnings with other advancements made with our suppliers, leveraging the totality of these technologies to be more flexible and economic while simultaneously expanding the range of products available.”

Adidas will continue to use its production site in Scheinfeld, Germany, to test and improve manufacturing processes for its supply chain.

Shankland said: “The knowledge we gained from setting up and operating the Speedfactories was made possible through constructive cooperation with Oechsler and the team there. With this, we have pioneered new manufacturing processes, including significant reduction in production time of athletic footwear.”

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