How Tiffany is using traceability to raise ethical standards

posted by Charlie Hart
21 August 2020

Tiffany & Co will share the full “craftsmanship journey” of its diamonds as part of efforts to improve traceability.

The jewellery maker said it will make the entire production process of its diamonds, sized 0.18 carats or larger, traceable from the region or country of origin, where they are cut and polished, graded and quality assured, and where they are set in jewellery. 

Anisa Kamadoli Costa, chief sustainability officer at Tiffany & Co, said traceability was the best means to ensure diamonds are sourced to the highest standards “not only in quality but also in social and environmental responsibility”. 

The programme expands on Tiffany’s Diamond Source Initiative which launched last year. Under the scheme, each newly-sourced diamond is etched by laser with a unique code to record the provenance of the gem. 

Tiffany sources its diamonds from “trusted suppliers” in countries including Australia, Botswana, Canada, Namibia, Russia and South Africa, but prohibits sourcing from “areas of concern” such as Zimbabwe and Angola. 

Tiffany credited its new levels of supply chain traceability to its 20-year investment in vertical integration, which helps to “uphold standards of craftsmanship, safe and healthy working environments and community economic development”. 

The brand owns and operates five of its own diamond polishing workshops in Belgium, Mauritius, Botswana, Vietnam and Cambodia, as well as a laboratory and five jewellery manufacturing workshops in North America. By owning its facilities, Tiffany said it can “ensure its own superlative standards are met”.

Andrew Hart, SVP diamond and jewellery supply, Tiffany & Co, added: “Sharing the craftsmanship journey of Tiffany diamonds reflects decades of investment in our supply chain.

“Directly sourcing responsibly mined rough diamonds, and crafting and setting those diamonds to our standards in our own workshops, is unique to Tiffany among luxury jewellers.”

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