JLR will trace raw materials from 'origin to supplier'

17 December 2020

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) will use blockchain technology to increase the sustainability and transparency of its raw materials supply chain. 

The automotive firm’s venture capital subsidiary InMotion has invested in blockchain technology firm Circulor to track its raw materials “from origin to supplier”.

This will use a combination of GPS, biometrics and commonly used Quick Response (QR) barcodes to make a digital record of suppliers, locations and materials on the platform, using blockchain technology to prevent any “tampering or modifications”.

JLR said that the traceability platform will help to “source premium materials with greater transparency as to the provenance, welfare, and compliance of suppliers throughout its networks”, and is part of efforts to cut the environmental and ethical impacts of products across their lifecycle.

Sebastian Peck, MD at InMotion Ventures, said: “The implementation of blockchain technology provides a great opportunity to make a systemic change in supply chain compliance, not just for the automotive world but for other industries, too.”

Douglas Johnson-Poensgen, CEO and founder at Circulor, said: “We believe the digitalisation of the supply chain is key to ensuring traceability between the multiple intermediaries that handle the material between its origin and the manufacturer.”

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