Just 10% of firms building resilient supply chains

10 July 2020

Only 10% of companies are building resilient customer-centric supply chains that will enable growth post Covid-19, according to research.

A report from Accenture, which surveyed 900 senior executives from nine major industries across 10 locations, analysed major supply chain challenges magnified by the ongoing pandemic. 

It identified issues including inflexibility to deliver undifferentiated customer offerings, poor ecosystem design lacking the right partners, and a siloed technology architecture that stifles collaboration and co-innovation.

The report also outlined leading practices of a few companies that have transformed their supply chains and created a customer experience that is both purpose-led and focused on growth.

The report covered companies that have invested $153m on average over the past two years into supply chains.

Only 10% of those surveyed were effectively using their investments to transform supply chains to meet increasing and evolving customer experience demands, the study concluded.

Accenture said these companies had four key practices. They included basing the supply chain on customer values, such as sustainability, data privacy/security and customised delivery and service.

More than half of the average revenue growth leading companies experienced came from collaboration tools and data-driven insight technologies. They had also built capabilities to segment customers and products in real time, and invested in advanced cybersecurity to address growing security threats from data breaches and data theft.

The research found the chief executives of these leading companies were more likely to drive supply chain discussions with their boards, and translate those discussions into results.

Stephane Crosnier, supply chain and operations lead for Accenture UK, said the uncertainties posed by Covid-19 showed no signs of abating, and Brexit would bring extra challenges for UK businesses.

“Learning from these leaders will be essential as UK businesses seek to handle these difficult market conditions,” he said. “Now, more than ever, is the time to look at the formula that leading companies have developed and channel it in their own supply chains. Building more customer-centric supply chains will ensure they can continue to serve their customers and communities while driving long term growth in what remains a very uncertain future.”

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