Soy suppliers make green pledge and hope others follow

18 January 2021

Three Brazilian soy suppliers to the salmon industry have pledged to implement a deforestation-free supply chain.

CJ Selecta, Caramuru and Imcopa were praised by global environmental NGOs after saying they would not trade any soy grown on land deforested after August 2020.

A soy derivative, soy protein concentrate, is used in salmon farming.

The suppliers believe their decision marks the first time an animal protein industry has set such a sector-wide benchmark.

“The participants and stakeholders involved in this initiative hope to inspire other global animal protein industries, such as beef, pork and poultry to follow suit,” the companies said in a statement.

Maurício Voivodic, executive director at WWF Brazil, said: “We see this voluntary sector-wide commitment as a benchmark to inspire other global animal protein sectors, as well as other markets linked to the soy supply chain.”

Compliance will be checked with a monitoring, reporting and verification system agreed with sustainability standard provider ProTerra and WWF Brazil.

The companies said they had supplied certified and deforestation free soy to the European aquaculture industry for a number of years.

However they had been delivering soy that did not bear the same guarantee to other markets.

The latest move means their deforestation-free commitment is extended to their entire soybean business, including outside the salmon value chain, though this accounts for most of their business.

A group of international retailers, salmon processors and salmon farmers including Marks and Spencer, Waitrose and Norway Royal Salmon said in a joint statement: “As companies with Brazilian soy in our supply chains, we are deeply concerned about the ongoing deforestation rates in the country.

“The move reduces risk to the entire Brazilian soy industry and we urge the rest of the Brazilian soy traders to follow their leadership.”

Rainforest Foundation Norway said global pork, poultry and beef producers were “lagging behind” by still allowing deforestation in their supply chain.

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