Half of UAE truck drivers stressed

20 July 2021

More than half (57%) of UAE truck drivers in a survey said they always or sometimes experienced stress.

Tyre company Continental carried out a study into the key stresses experienced by truck drivers in the UAE, according to reports.

Drivers were asked about how other road users could change their driving habits, and 50% said they could maintain a safe distance, while 37% said they could be better at observing traffic rules.

A third (33%) said other road users could be more considerate of truck drivers.

The study was carried out in collaboration with UAE fleet operators Al Ahli General Transport, Masafi Land Transport and Ocean City, as well RoadSafetyUAE.

It included speaking to 54 truck drivers from around the UAE, and was conducted by Continental as part of its global Vison Zero safety initiative, which aims to enhance drivers’ knowledge, attitude and awareness.

Most survey respondents said the stress of the job carried over into their personal lives, according to Technical Review Middle East.

Around 11% of road traffic accidents in the UAE involve trucks or buses, according to the World Health Organisation.

Karl Kucera, general manager of Continental Middle East, said: “Based on the findings, it is clear that drivers would benefit from a greater focus on training and support with content on how to deal with the stresses they face.

“At the same time, their answers send a clear message to other road users about the effect their own driving styles can have on truck drivers’ abilities to conduct their work safely.”

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