Pandora to only use lab-made diamonds

Will Green is news editor of Supply Management
4 May 2021

Jeweller Pandora has announced it will be using only lab-made diamonds in its collections as part of work to be more affordable and sustainable.

Pandora said it would no longer be using mined diamonds, adding lab-created stones were “identical”.

The firm said it was “aiming to transform the market for diamond jewellery with affordable, sustainably-created products”.

Pandora, unveiling a collection in the UK made from lab-grown diamonds, said it had been created with more than 60% renewable energy on average, while emissions were being offset through CarbonNeutral certification.

“When Pandora launches the collection globally next year, the diamonds are expected to be made using 100% renewable energy,” the company said.

“Going forward, mined diamonds will no longer be used in Pandora’s products.”

In 2020 Pandora said it aimed to become carbon neutral across all its operations by 2025 and move to entirely recycled silver and gold.

In April this year it said the interest it pays on a new €950m loan facility was linked to its progress in achieving these goals.

Other jewellers have looked to technology to track and trace the source of diamonds following concerns about links to conflict and forced and child labour in the supply chain.

In 2020 Tiffany said diamonds would be laser etched with a unique code to record their provenance.

In 2018 de Beers began testing an app that enabled miners to create a “digital fingerprint” of a diamond by taking a picture of themselves with the stone, which was then sealed in a bag with a QR code.

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