John Lewis and Partners have committed to ensuring all of its farms in the UK are net zero by 2030 © Photo by Ker Robertson/Getty Images
John Lewis and Partners have committed to ensuring all of its farms in the UK are net zero by 2030 © Photo by Ker Robertson/Getty Images

Why John Lewis will 'share insights' with suppliers in fresh eco drive

4 October 2022

John Lewis Partnership (JLP) has launched a new initiative with the WWF to improve supply chain standards. 

The £2m project will fund ecosystem protection and regeneration projects in the UK and India, while JLP has pledged to halve food waste in its supply chains.

It said the lessons learnt from the project would be “shared” with “suppliers and policy makers”.

“This new partnership will fund ecosystem regeneration projects and we will share insights gained within our supply base,” it said. 

Unveiling its new Plan for Nature, JLP – which includes Waitrose –  further pledged to halve food waste by 2030 from its supply chains, operations, and households. The commitments form part of the firm’s commitments to ensure all of its farms in the UK are net zero by 2030. 

David Edwards, director of food strategy at the WWF, said he hoped the partnership would “inspire change across the food sector” and the scheme aimed to scale up regenerative and nature-friendly agricultural approaches in the UK’s most intensively-farmed landscapes.

Marija Rompani, director of ethics and sustainability at JLP, said “delaying action is simply not an option”.

“Whether it’s eliminating fossil fuel use across our transport operations, investing millions in conservation projects in regions where we source our products, or helping our farmers make the transition to net zero, we are acting where we can make the biggest impact,” she said.

The report cited a survey conducted by the company in August 2022 which found 77% of shoppers said they wanted the government to continue taking action to protect and restore nature and biodiversity across the UK.

Respondents said they would also like to see more collaboration between British businesses, with 67% saying they’d like retailers to work more closely together to tackle environmental challenges.

JLP further committed to ending deforestation associated with the sourcing of key commodities across Waitrose and John Lewis own-brand product supply chains for soy, palm oil, cocoa, beef, leather, timber and man-made cellulosics. 

The company said: “We will create change through improving our own sourcing standards, advocating at a policy level and collaborating across industry in the UK and globally to help make responsible sourcing and zero deforestation the norm.”

JLP said it would create its own fuel at its Leckford farm to be used on the site by capturing and processing biomethane from a newly-created lagoon. It said all of its heavy trucks would be converted to biomethane fuel by 2028 and it will end the use of fossil fuels across its transport fleet by 2030. 

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