Malaysia and Singapore explore joint hydrogen supply chain

19 April 2023

Malaysia and Singapore are collaborating to strengthen their hydrogen supply chain, the country’s have announced. 

Malaysian firm and clean energy solutions provider Gentari and Singapore’s gas utility provider City Energy have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to conduct feasibility studies on a hydrogen supply chain between the two countries to strengthen their clean energy sources.

The move comes as part of Singapore’s National Hydrogen Strategy, which aims to accelerate the transition to net zero emissions and strengthen energy security, as well as its aims to be net zero by 2050. 

As part of the collaboration, City Energy will share expertise and resources with Gentari to pursue hydrogen importing opportunities. 

City Energy said the MoU “will accelerate the adoption of clean hydrogen”, as the agreement enables it to “explore alternate sources” of the gas.

Perry Ong, CEO of City Energy, said: “This strategic partnership between City Energy and Gentari is a key development for us. City Energy is well placed to establish a hydrogen supply for the future production of our town gas. We are excited to collaborate with Gentari to develop a hydrogen supply chain which will contribute to our nation’s hydrogen strategy.”

City Energy is the largest last-mile carrier of hydrogen in Singapore, where it produces the gas in large quantities at its Senoko Gasworks facility. The collaboration with Gentari follows City Energy’s ongoing feasibility studies with leading industry partners and institutes of higher learning to explore alternative sources of hydrogen.

City Energy is Singapore’s sole piped town gas provider for more than 880,000 homes and businesses. 

Singapore’s deputy prime minister and minister for finance Lawrence Wong said hydrogen is a “major decarbonisation pathway”, explaining low-carbon hydrogen could supply up to half of the republic’s energy needs by 2050.

Michèle Azalbert, Gentari’s chief hydrogen officer, said: “We want to be able to provide integrated clean energy solutions for customers in Asia Pacific, among others.

“The collaboration with City Energy is taking a step towards the right path in providing that solution. We believe this partnership will be the first of many in Singapore. We are committed to supporting Singapore in achieving net zero emissions by 2050.”

Gentari aims to produce up to 1.2m tonnes of clean hydrogen a year to address the future increase in clean energy demand.

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