Soapbox: Your reply

12 June 2007

Guy Strafford, client services director at buyingTeam on the Procurement outsourcing debate:

"Instead of thinking how to get rid of tasks, many large procurement functions face rising demand for their services. And often they don’t have enough people to meet this growth. The challenge is to decide where to prioritise resources.  This leaves gaps which the CPO must decide how to fill which is not a question of function maturity because gaps exist whatever the maturity.

The CPO is not outsourcing in the traditional sense of handing over existing activities, he or she is ‘insourcing’ to bring in more skills and resources.  Often the function is seeking to bring in resource to do things not previously covered or even attempted.

The decision to outsource frequently has less about procurement maturity and more concerned with an assessment of what the function is best at (eg stakeholder engagement), what is less good at and where it has to have new resource to meet the business demands."

Do you agree with Guy's views?

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