Be afraid ...

11 May 2007

Oh dear.

If The Apprentice is meant to represent the pinnacle of Britain's business youth, the procurement profession ought to be very, very worried.

The contestant's attempt to demonstrate their buying and negotiation skills was nothing short of shambolic. Celebrating the negotiation of a £1 discount would probably have had most professional buyers hanging their heads in shame. Equally pathetic was the lack of skill shown during the sourcing process. Woe betide the purchasing manager who only uses a quick glance through the Yellow Pages for sourcing their suppliers.

But perhaps the show proved something that many purchasers have said to me recently - everyone thinks they are a buyer, but it really does take specialist skills. Is it the case that a reasonable showing in the task would have been beyond anyone without a purchasing background - or is it simply that the contestants were rubbish?

(You can catch a repeat of the show next Tuesday at 7pm on BBC2)

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