Live at the ISM Conference 2007 #3

9 May 2007

Live report - 2007 Institute for Supply Management Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada

At the ISM conference on Monday delegates heard how negotiation techniques vary (or should) between men and women - the so-called men are from Mars and women are from Venus concept. But is this true?

Does it work to take a different approach to your supplier based on his/her gender?

In addition to the usual negotiation tips (preparation, confidence, walk-away position etc)  speaker Lorrie Mitchell said you must consider what men or women favour. Men prefer an absence of chit-chat, to assert themselves and an airing of their interests. And women negotiating with men should "definitely avoid whining, crying, head-on challenges and threats," she said.

Conversely, men negotiating with women should "find out about them", show respect for their view and treat them professionally. And the biggest no no. DO NOT be sarcastic (her caps). While this approach is very common between men, it it the mother of all turn offs for "Venus types".

What do you think?

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