I like driving in my car... or not

14 August 2009
I find it strangely amusing to read about the hire car shortages and therefore bigger rental bills many people in UK and Europe are experiencing at the moment.  Car hire firm Hertz listed the shortages as having been most obvious in Spain, France and Italy, but there have also been supply shortages in Scotland and the Lake District. So when all the holiday resorts have been worrying about losing custom, it seems their good friends over at the car hire place are not exactly helping them to transport over their money-laden customers. Is this poor procurement/demand forecasting or is this simply a sensible risk measure considering the current economic climate? Have you had difficulty hiring a car this year? I realise it may have been difficult to get finance to expand fleets, but surely the car companies should realise that as the recession looms, the need to jet off to Europe on a relaxing holiday actually expands? Unless you’re part of the Gordon Brown crew who are banned from taking long summer holidays. (Yes I realise a blogging pattern involving Brown’s inclusion is beginning to emerge, but I do find him first-class Friday entertainment.) Perhaps if we asked our friends across the pond to step in and lend some vehicles from troubled firms Chrysler or GM the situation could be resolved easily? Come to think of it, we can give them our NHS in return? Oh yes, I remember they don’t want it...
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