Is this a day suppliers and buyers hoped would never arrive?

24 August 2009
Britain’s MPs are urging for a foreign lorry crack-down after a committee found a large number of overseas vehicles fail to meet UK road-safety standards. Research concluded almost half of overseas vehicles are un-roadworthy or in need of work. But the big issue is do we ask foreign suppliers to ensure their vehicles meet UK standards and fork out extra costs fixing them, or do we ask UK buyers to ensure their suppliers meet our rules before signing a contract?   If we put the responsibility on the logistics supplier they may decide their UK contracts are not lucrative enough to warrant a whole lorry fleet revamp and cease trading with us completely. Infact vehicle modifications could push up prices for UK suppliers, which may render some contracts useless in any case. You would hope the onus will not be put on buyers - why should they fork out for a re-fit that will only profit their supplier? Yes, morally it is their responsibility if their contracts bring unsafe vehicles into the country, but surely that is an ethical dilemma rather than a practical issue?   Who do you think will suffer the most in the fall-out?
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