Stop panicking and seize the day...

5 August 2009
... that’s the advice from business "guru" and author of The Goal, Dr Eli Goldratt. As part of a 130-strong audience who watched the Israeli physicist speak in London earlier this year, I heard him challenge everyone there. As we report in this issue, he said: "I don't agree that times are challenging. I agree there is a tremendous amount of panic. I agree also that many of the patterns that existed previously have broken, so people have to rethink and use known cause and effects in order to drive new patterns to guide them." He urged the audience to apply common sense. "Organisations that are not doing it - and unfortunately, most are not - are facing bad times, troubled times. Those that are doing it are facing the exact opposite - they are finding these are the easiest times to expand and to make money." He’s a passionate speaker who seemed constantly surrounded by disciples of his teachings (many in matching t-shirts, which added to a feeling of it almost appearing cultish at times) and his repeated use of the expression “Hello? Think, think!” does make you feel like a stupid child who’s been reprimanded. That said, a lot of what he said does make you think (think) and is – er – common sense (when you think about it). See what you make of it… Is it really the "easiest of times to make money and expand" if you apply this line of thought?
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