CEOs in the dark with TLAs

16 December 2009
Apparently, the TLA (three-letter acronym) is causing havoc. A survey of 230 company directors by a leadership training provider found many do not understand what their employees are telling them (and it seems are too afraid to ask). It appears in addition to the old favourites, a wave of new TLAs are sweeping through offices everywhere including AZB (Assume Zero Budget) and DREAM (Don’t Really Expect Any Money). OK, this last one is a FLA (five-letter acronym), but you see what I mean. It’s quite possible the very purpose of them is to confuse the bosses by applying a code, but doubtless there are examples in procurement where other departments (and even some colleagues) have fat chance of catching your drift. For example, if you were the SPOC for a CSR GITS project for which you were running an OJEU to CYA but hoped to follow with good CM and SRM (which would of course involve ABM), would you really expect others to know?
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