Harnessing your anger

30 March 2009
I’m sure there are more than a few of us who are a little tetchier this morning, after we all lost an hour of sleep over the weekend because of the clocks going forward. But is this necessarily a bad thing? Not according to a study by the Harvard Medical School. Researchers found those who repress their frustration are three times as likely to say they had reached a “glass ceiling” in their career than those who do not, according to this BBC story. "We all feel anger, but individuals who learn how to express their anger while avoiding the explosive and self-destructive consequences of unbridled fury have achieved something incredibly powerful in terms of overall emotional growth and mental health. If we can define and harness those skills, we can use them to achieve great things,” said report author Professor George Vaillant. Obviously the study points out the difference between uncontrolled rage and targetted agression, likening it to assertiveness. Do you find being assertive with your colleagues and suppliers is successful? Where do you draw the line between aggression and assertiveness?
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