A Curly Wurly is all I need…

25 August 2010
One feature in Supply Management that I look forward to reading (and writing) is My way to the top. My favourite part (and I can probably vouch for the rest of the SM team on this) is where we ask senior purchasers more light-hearted questions to get to know them a little better, such as “What song sums up procurement?” The ones I always find the most interesting are their greatest fears and guiltiest pleasures. Past answers are diverse in their range of replies: From the existential: Julia Brown, SVP & CPO of global procurement, Kraft Foods said her greatest fear is “living an average life”. And for Penny Kemp, head of IT Services Contracts and Supplier Management for GCHQ, it’s “getting stuck in a rut”. To the more practical: David Kemp (no relation to Penny), vice-president – supply chain at Goodrich ECEPS Division said his greatest fear is losing his wallet. To the quite alarming: Selwyn Pye, procurement director at marketing agency iris London, said his greatest fear is falling to his death. In terms of guiltiest pleasures, for Alyson Brett, CEO at the NHS South East Coast Collaborative Procurement Hub, its Curly Wurlies (you and me both Alyson) and her greatest fear is flat shoes (well I can live with that). Head of procurement at Brewin Dolphin Lorna McAndie’s guiltiest pleasure is homemade burgers, while Selwyn Pye’s is Heinz salad cream. There seems to be a bit of a food theme going on here. For Steve Johnson it’s nibbling Nobby’s Nuts. I think we all feel a bit guilty when we eat foods that are bad for us. However Neil Deverill, procurement coach and CIPS fellow makes a good point when he says that there is “no guilt attached to pleasure”. Lastly, I just want to say thanks to everyone who has taken part in My way to the top. If you would like to get involved or suggest someone else who you think would be willing to declare their greatest fear (while also, of course, telling readers how they made it to the top) drop us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.
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