Diary of an MBA: In the beginning...

27 August 2010
Chris Atkins, author of Supply Management's Diary of an MBA blogIn the first of his regular diaries following the progress of his upcoming MBA course, Chris Atkins, procurement officer at Knowledge Pool, explains his motivation for furthering his studies. As my CIPS graduate diploma studies drew to a close with my final level six exam last November, like most students I felt a sense of relief that it was all over. Despite this my thoughts turned to further study opportunities and a full time Master of Business Administration (MBA) struck me as the best option. Having completed my CIPS qualifications via distance learning group discussion was attractive, as well as the opportunity to learn from and network with the extremely diverse cohort of students an MBA attracts. Of course, full time study doesn’t come without some obstacles; expensive tuition fees, 12 months of unemployment and the worry of finding job in a tough market at its conclusion. Personally it is a good time to take a break in my career and with some hard saving, a part scholarship from the business school and a diet of Tesco value baked beans I should scrape through. The course promises to be intense and challenging and most unlike the slightly more laid back undergraduate university experience of late nights and twice daily viewings of Neighbours. I have chosen the MBA course at Durham University Business School for its reputation, value and good balance between academic and non-academic activities. I’m looking forward to updating readers of the SM blog on my thoughts and experiences on MBA study over the next year.
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