Will you be working late this week?

2 August 2010
Sticking with the employment theme from Friday, working hours are starting to creep up again, following the effects of the recession. At first this might seem like a bit of a non sequitur. After all, didn’t many staff put in extra hours during the recession to help their companies through tough times? But, as the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development reveals, staff choosing to work shorter hours (and in some cases shorter weeks) actually led to a total fall 32 million hours worked. The small rise in total hours is used as evidence the economy is beginning to recover. And there is also the prediction those who traditionally put in extra hours at the office will start to do so again as recovery continues. Long working hours, of course, can lead to a loss of sleep during the week. And some other news today reveals this could be more damaging to your health than first thought. As well as finding it harder to concentrate and becoming more forgetful, decision-making and problem solving are more difficult because thought patterns become more rigid. But the research from the University of Pennsylvania claims an additional couple of hours under the duvet at the weekend can recover all the sleep you miss out on in the week – and improve your alertness and performance at work.
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