Fancy a drink?

5 February 2010
Sarah Campbell blog picThe SM team looks forward to its after-work pint as much as anyone on a Friday, so it was partly with personal interest that I picked up on the story about the changing shape of pint glasses. The BBC explains that the new government-approved receptacles will be shatter-proof, reducing injuries – and so the cost to the NHS – from glassings. A bit later, I was browsing the New York Times website, and found an American view on the Buckfast scandal. In the piece, the tonic wine that serves as the fuel of choice for many a drunken crime spree was described as having “emerged as a symbol of Scotland’s entrenched drinking problem”. There have been calls in the past from ministers to ban booze shops from stocking Buckie (which didn’t work). But is it really the buying decisions of the shops that is the cause of Scotland’s rampant antisocial behaviour? In the same way, isn’t forcing pubs to buy shatter-proof glasses is shifting the blame for social ills on to pub purchasers? Or is this simply the government introducing responsible purchasing rules?
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