Mistakes happen

11 February 2010
The revelation that a 71-page brochure has been produced to help civil servants at the Treasury deal with stress is enough to make you, well, stressed. The helpful pearls of wisdom in the Introduction to Stress Awareness and Management include “Stress may be avoided if I allow myself to make mistakes, recognising that sometimes I will make mistakes and that it is OK to make mistakes” and the incredibly useful “Shelve problems until you have the capacity to deal with them.” Don’t you feel far safer knowing this is aimed at the people looking after the nation’s finances? There are also 10 top tips to help staff deal with stress: 1. Do not put up with something that does not work correctly. Ensure it is repaired 2. Look on the bright side 3. Learn to say no – you have this right 4. Avoid chaos 5. Write down thoughts and feelings 6. Control aggression 7. Learn to laugh at yourself 8. Deal with unpleasant tasks first 9. Shelve problems until you have the capacity to deal with them 10. Ensure you’ve had enough sleep
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