An end to the gloom?

26 January 2010
Jake KanterSo the UK has finally stumbled out of recession. Cue mass pontificating (including from us) about what this means for businesses, politicians and your average Joe. Never ones to ignore a trend, SM will look at the impact on the profession of economic growth of 0.1 per cent in the last three months of 2009. My guess is it had very little impact. A weaker than expected climb out of decline hardly indicates a full recovery and it doesn’t change the enormous challenges faced by businesses and the public sector. Companies are still making ugly cuts to guarantee their survival and the government is squaring up to one the biggest budget deficits in history. What it could lead to, however, is perhaps a bit more positivity in tackling these problems. No longer can we use phrases including “in the recession” or “the recession means…”. Fantastic! These are such gloomy expressions, anchoring down sentences and perpetuating ill feeling. Now is the time to bring out forward-looking phraseology. Try substituting the “r” word for another: recovery. “In the recovery we will…”, “the recovery means we have to…”. Now that’s better, isn’t it? What do you think a return to economic growth means for procurement?
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