Perfect location

5 January 2010
We so loved the name of the town that is home to the headquarters of PepsiCo – Purchase – that we were inspired to go off on a global quest of our own (with a little help from Google Maps) to find other purchasing-related towns. Fans of the SM Buyography blog will remember that an initial search came up with Buyerstown in Pennsylvania, Tradersville in Madison County, Ohio, not to mention Sale in the UK and the dilapidated shed and highway that comprise Supply, Arkansas. But a deeper search reveals dozens of tiny semantically related outposts: Deal on the Kent coast; many settlements called Buy in the French countryside; a minuscule place called Seller in County Meath, Ireland. This gets quite addictive once you get into it. Widening our search net, we find several places called Money in the US and a couple in Ireland. A search for Cash brings up about nine hamlets, also in the States. Pay is a little French village and Bill is a little place, no more than a street, in Luxembourg. Inspiration can also be found elsewhere in the business world. Manage is a district on the outskirts of Brussels. You’ll find Superiors in Wyoming, Iowa and Michigan. If you’re looking for some hard Graft, head to the Netherlands. Sign a Cheque in Guinea- Bissau, West Africa – but you might want to stay away from Crook in County Durham.
Chelmsford or Cambridge
£33,797 - £39,152 p.a
Anglia Ruskin University
South Sinai (EG)
$100,660, 2 year contract, tax free salary, housing, meals, medical, relocation,
Multinational Force and Observers
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