The pursuit of hippiness

27 July 2010
Uncle Oscar was living in a hippy commune in the 1960s. One day, post-studies and pre-job, he got into a Bedford ambulance and drove from Bolton to India ...via France, Turkey, Iran and Kabul. When he got to India, he put on a suit, bought himself a suitcase and boarded a plane to Colombo, Sri Lanka where his father, a civil servant, was waiting. It may have taken months. But despite the best intentions, he had neglected to do one thing. He had not cut his hair. A flick of the wrist and his peace sign had turned into a single act of defiance. Uncle Oscar is now in his 60s. The Con-Dem era has arrived and with it coalition cut Britain. Cuts to school building repairs and new builds. Playground cuts.  Swimming pool cuts. Primary care trust closures. NHS hospital operation stealth cuts. Cut. Cut. Cut. For the good of the land we must tighten our belts. What will happen? We have a pretty good idea of what the government will do. But what will the people do? How much will we take? How can procurement professionals best adapt to the situation? Can we negotiate this fine balance?  Please tell us know what you think. As a nation, if we were French, we’d be revolting. But the British? God save us, ma’am.
Darmstadt-Dieburg, Hessen (DE)
Competitive salary and great benefits. Relocation assistance available.
GBP45000 - GBP50000 per annum +
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