Who's your fantasy CPO?

28 July 2010
Sarah Campbell blog picAt a recent employee engagement conference in the UK, delegates – for a bit of fun – put forward their suggestions for their “fantasy management board”. The results were brilliant: CEO – Simon Cowell Operations director – Gordon Ramsay Finance director – Carol Vorderman Sales and marketing director – Mary Portas HR director – Joanna Lumley I would love to see that lot round a boardroom table. Simon Cowell? Really? Apparently it was his “charisma, vision, and excellent decision-making skills, coupled with his inspirational leadership abilities” that gave him the edge. Ramsay, meanwhile, has a “driven, results-focused approach” that would make him ideal for the role. Carol Vorderman – well, she’s good at maths. Mary Portas is commercially minded and has good sales skills, the delegates said. Joanna Lumley, apart from being just lovely, has “ambassadorial qualities”. But the conference delgates didn’t vote for a fantasy CPO, so I suggest we open the floor to suggestions here on Buyography. I’ll kick off. We need someone who is a great negotiator, good at building relationships and with a good head for figures. I’m thinking Theo Paphitis from the BBC’s Dragons’ Den. He already has considerable business experience, and seems somehow more approachable than the other dragons, but doesn’t back away from a fight when a good deal presents itself. So now it’s your turn. Who would be your ideal fantasy management board CPO?
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