Music IS the food of love

24 June 2010
There was news this week that women are more likely to agree to go on a date with a man if they have been listening to romantic music before he asks. Women were told by French researchers they were taking part in survey about biscuits (which man hasn’t used that line before?). They spent five minutes in a waiting room beforehand, with music playing in the background. At the end of the “survey” the male researcher asked for the woman’s phone number and invited her for a drink. More than half, 52.2 per cent, of those that listened to love songs in the waiting room agreed – compared to 27.9 per cent who heard neutral music. Scientists believe that the music had “primed” the women’s behaviour. I wonder if this could be translated to suppliers? Keep your suppliers waiting with some appropriate music playing before negotiations, to prime their behaviour to help you get what you want. But which song would be best for this? Massive Reductions by the Kinks perhaps?
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